With increasing occurrences of natural hazard events and humanitarian crises throughout the world, interdisciplinary design thinking is essential for future-proofing our communities from further impacts and potential damage. The Design Between embodies this thinking. It represents the process, the bridge, the tools to support movement across an otherwise impassable space.

Issue 1

The Design Between is an exciting  and timely initiative of graduates from the Master of Disaster Design and Development (MoDDD) at RMIT University, Australia.  MoDDD sits at the intersection of the fields of Disaster Response and Recovery on the one hand and Development discourse on the other.  It grapples within this challenging space through the lens of design.  It asks how can design and designers be equipped to intervene in and act in a way that takes into account the complexities and the uncertainties around climate change, natural and human induced disasters to improve outcomes for those effected.

The Design Between provides an exploratory space where alumni, students and like-minded thinkers and actors can discuss, challenge, debate and above all else innovate.

– Dr Judith Rogers |Senior Lecturer / Programme Manager MoDDD |RMIT University