The Design Between

The Design Between is a collaborative publication focussing on issues of disaster, design and development. It explores how design, and designers of all disciplines, are responding to complex global challenges, including poverty, natural disaster, civil conflict and climate change.

With increasing occurrences of natural hazard events and humanitarian crises throughout the world, interdisciplinary design thinking is essential for future-proofing our communities from further impacts and potential damage. The Design Between embodies this thinking. It is the process, the bridge, the tools to assist in the movement across an otherwise impassable space.

The Design Between draws influence from the Japanese concept of Ma, which can be roughly translated as “gap”, “space”, “pause” or “the space between two structural parts”. It is the space between, the betweenness, not empty space, not space that separates, space that relates, the space that holds us together.

Through a series of diverse articles, The Design Between offers understanding and insight into the process of moving from disaster to recovery, wicked-problem to response, devastation to reconstruction, vulnerability to resilience, expert to community.

Alice Lake-Hammond

Co-founder / editor

Alice Lake-Hammond believes communication should always be a conversation, and specialises in design which enables knowledge sharing and interdisciplinary engagement. Alice has over 10 years experience consulting as a communication design specialist for NGOs and IGOs in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Her practice is grounded in human-centred design thinking, community engagement and participatory research.

In her spare time, Alice dreams of the perfect feedback loop, and loves yoga, drawing and travel.

Robyn Mansfield

Co-founder / editor

Robyn Mansfield is passionate about designing cities with vulnerable communities and specialises in elevating the voices of children in decision-making processes. Robyn has over 20 years experience as a landscape architect, researcher, writer, community engagement specialist, and a disaster resilience and reconstruction advisor in Australia, Asia and South America.

In her spare time, Robyn grows fruit and vegetables and cooks elaborate dinners for her family and friends.